Brandon Wetzel Yardley Videos

Welcome to the videos page! Brandon Wetzel Yardley never leaves home without his GoPro camera in his hand. With the intent of documenting every minute of the sights, sounds, and tastes he comes across, Brandon wants to remember he did his best to live life to the fullest.

As someone who doesn’t mind splurging on travel experiences, Brandon Wetzel Yardley invites his readers to relive his adventures with him through his videos! These videos are a mix of his experiences and what he hopes to experience, and what inspires him in his work.

So far, he has three videos to share with his readers:

1. How to Travel Alone – Few would dare to travel alone, but Brandon Wetzel Yardley believes everyone should try traveling alone at least once. It’s a life-changing experience he recommends!

2. Motivational Words and Quotes for Business Life – Everyone has those days where they’re not sure of what lies ahead. Brandon shares some motivational words in this video.

3. Food Adventures – Brandon Wetzel Yardley loves to eat! But more than making his tummy happy, he loves how food can bring everyone together.