About Brandon Wetzel Yardley

Read on to learn more about Brandon Wetzel Yardley and his culinary and travel adventures. Brandon is an up-and-coming real estate superstar in his local hometown and is excited to talk about the opportunities in the industry with his readers.

About Brandon Wetzel Yardley

Ever since he was a young child, Brandon Wetzel Yardley had already set his sights on becoming a successful businessman. In grade school, he bought and sold basketball cards to his classmates, and then he offered tutoring services to younger kids in his neighborhood when he was in high school. Once he stepped in college, Brandon was convinced he had the work ethic to make it as a young entrepreneur, except there was a problem. He didn’t have the money to launch his dream business and develop his dream products. Not to be discouraged by this, Brandon decided to do it the old-fashioned way and set aside money for capital. Capitalizing on his people skills, Brandon shifted gears to a career in sales and chose real estate as his stepping stone to business.

Hobbies and Interests

Brandon Wetzel Yardley is very much at home in his kitchen. An only child, Brandon grew up learning how to slow cook stews and casseroles alongside his mother. One of his favorite recipes to make on the weekends is traditional Southern chicken biscuits, which he inherited from his grandmother on his father’s side. Aside from cooking, Brandon is also an avid outdoor enthusiast. He loves to travel and hike. In five years, Brandon hopes to have saved up enough money to go hiking in Oregon.

Why Real Estate

When asked why he chose a career in real estate, Brandon Wetzel Yardley shares that there’s an opportunity there for him to provide value to his clients because they aren’t that knowledgeable of the industry and how they can maximize their investments. Brandon shares that many people are hesitant due to the high capital requirements, but he believes the risks outweigh the rewards, so long as investors study the properties they want to invest in diligently.

Career Motto

When asked about his career motto, Brandon Wetzel Yardley only had this to say: “My father taught me the importance of relationships. If you can help someone today, do it; you never know the opportunity waiting behind it. So, my motto is to welcome others — and to always keep an open mind.”